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Neue Version 11.00

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Over 100 improvements were made in version 11.00, most significant listed below

24 new test methods

11 improved tests

Improved actions

New variables

Improved built-in tools

Improved external applications

New test methods

New test methods for UNIX systems allow you to check Linux, BSD, AIX and other UNIX-like systems without using RMA agent (when SNMP protocol enabled on the system):

Drive Free Space

CPU Usage


(Memory test could check UNIX systems without RMA agent since version 9)

New test for monitoring Cisco devices

Cisco Health

Cisco Temp

Cisco Fans

Cisco Power

Cisco CPU Usage

Cisco Memory

New test methods allow you to check Juniper devices

Juniper Health

Juniper Temp

Juniper Fans

Juniper CPU Usage

Juniper Memory

New test for monitoring NetApp storages

NetApp Health

NetApp CPU Usage

NetApp Temperature

NetApp RAID status

NetApp Free Space

New test methods allow you to check HP servers using iLO protocol

HP iLO Health

HP iLO Temp

HP iLO Fans

HP iLO Power

HP iLO Disks

Improved tests

Improved actions

Send E-mail action

Consumes less system resources when HostMonitor needs to send hundreds of mails at once

Popup message action:

New option "Max windows on screen" limits number of windows on screen (possible value 1..128)

Increased limit for "time to live" parameter up to 1800 sec

HTTP request action
Several improvements related to HTTP mode (similar improvements for HTTPS mode were implemented earlier)

About 30% less CPU load

If POST request is used and 'Content-length:' header missed, HostMonitor inserts correct 'Content-length' line

HostMonitor checks HTTP reply code and records error in the log when reply code<>200

New variables for NetApp RAID tests

New variables for NetApp Health tests

New variable for HP iLO tests (Health, Temp, Fans, Power, Disks)

New group names supported by HM Script and Telnet interface

Improved built-in tools:

Improved System Info

Improved Network Discovery

Improved Auditing Tool

Stronger password checks

System Info improvements

It works much faster when SNMP v2c or SNMP v3 is supported

If possible, System Info tool selects SNMP profile with higher version of SNMP protocol

If v1 protocol specified for all related tests, System Info still verifies if target device supports SNMP v2 and provides such information

HostMonitor v10: some requests could not work with SNMPv3. Fixed

Network Discovery

Recognizes more devices, e.g. Juniper and NetApp, various UPS devices

Allows to create and replicate new test methods

%Type% variable allows to search for Juniper, NetApp, SonicWall and UPS devices

If you choose "all SNMP profiles" mode for some network, then HostMonitor sets priority for profiles with SNMP v2c and v3 versions (not applicable for devices already discovered by older version of the software)

Auditing Tool

Checks operator accounts, for each operator with remote access checks password strength

Checks strength of the passwords used by RMA agents

Checks SNMP protocol version used for tests like Network Traffic, Interface Status, SNMP Table, tests related to Cisco, Juniper and NetApp devices; warns admin when SNMP v1 is used

Stronger password checks

HostMonitor and RCC: User Profiles unit checks operator accounts, for each operators with remote access checks password strength

RCC operator can change its own password using menu User->Change password. Software checks passwords strength and does not allow weak passwords (unless StrongRccPswd option disabled, see notes below)

RMA Manager: as you know it allows to change passwords for existing agents using "Agent configuration" option. New RMA Manager uses new code for stronger password validation and does not allow weak passwords (unless StrongPswd option disabled, see notes below)

RMA_Cfg utility (helps to setup RMA settings locally) uses new code for password validation as well. It warns the operator but allows weak passwords after confirmation

Note: software checks passwords using several algorithms, you cannot change algorithms however you may adjust some parameters using [PswdCheck] section of hostmon.ini file. This section may look like

Also, there is optional parameter in rma_mgr.ini file (used by RMA Manager)
Default value 1 - means RMA Manager will not accept weak passwords when operator will try to change password for existing/running agent using "Agent configuration" option. If you set StrongPswd=0 then RMA Manager will check passwords and show warning when weak password detected however any password will be accepted after confirmation.

Improved external applications:

improved RMA for Windows

improved MIB Browser

minor changes and improvements were applied to Process Meter, Log Analyzer, Log Visualizer, RMA Manager, WatchDog, Web Service and Telnet Service

RMA for Windows

New Active and Passive RMA agents support 24 new tests for various systems:

UNIX (Linux, BSD, AIX, etc)





Improved tests:

Dominant Process

Disk Free Space

Process test

CPU Usage

Certificate Expiration

URL test

DNS test

SNMP Table test

Network Traffic test

Interface Status test

Faster processing for some service requests makes HostMonitor GUI faster (if SNMP v2c or SNMP v3 is used):

Network interfaces window (it helps you to setup Network Traffic and Interface Status tests)

System Info tool

Improved network discovery

MIB Browser

The following operations can retrieve data much faster when large set of counters requested and SNMP v2c is used:

Get table

Get row

Get next N counters

Also it needs less time to load and save database

The following issues were resolved

HostMonitor and Active RMA: SNMP Trap test could filter out some valid coldStart, warmStart messages. Fixed

HostMonitor: in some cases HTTP test did not calculate CRC for images even with "download images" option enabled. Fixed

RCC: import from local file could report errors regarding profiles used by SNMP related tests. Fixed

Web Service: did not show total_good_tests / total_bad_tests statistics when logged in web operator does not have access to Root folder. Fixed

In Kürze kommt die neue Version 11.0 mit über 100 Verbesserungen.

Advanced Host Monitor von KS-Soft

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